How it all started

About Us

It was about 20 years ago , My Mother, Marcy Nelson, came to me with this little cast iron pan with seven 1/2 moon shaped holes in it and said "You should try making these"...Well, after the pan had sat in my kitchen for about 10 yrs collecting dust, I decided to try them. I tried many different "Box Mixes" and was not impressed with any of them! She then told me she had a recipe somewhere for the "Real Ones". So now, after another 10 yrs of trial and error, and using my family as guinea pigs..(no pun intended) I have perfected the art of Aebleskiver making:) NO...Don't worry, I have not quit my day job, it's just kind of a little hobby of mine now to see what I can do with them. We are now exclusively at the Kootenai County Farmer's Market on Saturdays. (May thru October)
THANK you Mom... for Everything you did for me..and especially all the encouragement you gave me through the years, you will always be with me no matter where I am... And a BIG Thank you to my Wife Tracey Nelson for all your "Early Morning" batter making, cookie making, encouragement...and everything else you do! This could not have been done without you! We'll see, Maybe I can build this into something our Kids can take over and run with someday? Hint...Hint...!!!